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  • You're Unique.
  • You've got ideas.
  • You're curious.
  • You're.. you.

Why limit that?

NovaLearn is your space to learn everything you need to be anything you want. So whether you dream of being a scientist, musician, game designer or picking up another language, we’ve got the content to help you make it all happen.

Explore your interest with a variety of courses

Showcase your talent

Every course has a challenge at the end of its journey. Upload your work to share it with the community to inspire imagination, earn game points and collect rare items!

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Got what it takes to be a Novalier? Join our community

Our community of Novaliers are a great bunch. Could you be our next addition? Well, if you tick any of these boxes, absolutely!

You're Original
You like fun
You're Creative
You like what they don’t teach at school

The only thing we don’t do is boring

We do learning content

From IB-certified educators to experts in various industries, we can help you learn a wide variety of academic and real-life skills for any level. And because it’s online, you can enjoy learning wherever you are, at your own pace.

We do fun

Learning should be also be fun. Our entire platform is designed to create an interactive and social learning experience. Customise your own Novalier avatar, earn bonus XP or collect limited edition items as your level up your learning.

We do ad-free content

Ads are annoying. We keep them away so that you can focus on the content you like without interruptions.

We do safely

This is a safe space free from weirdos and bad stuff. We keep it that way. We screen all our content creators and their teaching content before it gets to you.

Meet Our Nova Learn Teachers

Krista V. English
Andrea R. Arts
Carrie Di English Development

What do people say about NovaLearn?

I didn't know learning could be so fun! I love the avatars!
Charlie (Novalier)
"It’s amazing, so interesting, one more time! again!” are words I hear from my 5 year old after watching the lessons on reading and emotions. I see his vocabulary widen and his interest for learning quadrupled through NovaLearn. It's such an engaging and interactive platform that increases my child's love for learning!
Jane (Mom), Malaysia

Psst.. we haven't forgotten about you, parents!

NovaLearn isn't just all fun and games. We simply believe in celebrating the individuality of your children and then using the best of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering,the Arts and Mathematics) education to provide a holistic online learning base for your children.

Q1. How long does the free trial last?

To kick off the launch of NovaLearn, we are giving a free trial for all users to explore NovaLearn. We will send a friendly reminder 48 hours before your trial period ends.

After the launch period, new users will get a 90-day free trial. There will be no charges during the trial period.

Credit card details are required only for user verification purpose. You may cancel at any point during your trial period.

Q2. How does Novalearn work?

Kids watch inspiring videos, complete assessment checkpoints, do creative challenges and share their photos or videos on Novalearn which gives them amazing opportunities to teach, learn and inspire other kids. Our moderators make sure Novalearn remains the kindest and encouraging online community in the Nova-verse and they are available 7 days a week if your kids ever have questions.

Q3. Do I need to buy any materials?

For most courses—Nope! Novalearn courses are designed with everyday materials in mind, especially stuff commonly found around the house (and inside junk drawers) like paper, pencils, glue, watercolor. No need to purchase any additional items.

Q4. How much does Novalearn cost?

You can try Novalearn for free! After the free trial period, you will start a subscription of your choice. The cost is $18 -20/month depending whether you want to be billed monthly or annually.

In conjunction with the launch of Novalearn, it is free for all now.

Q5. Why do I need to provide my credit card details?

Credit card details are required by Stripe for user verification purpose. We want to make sure Novalearn is a safe space for your child.

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